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Editor’s Note: This is an interesting online Peer-Review system which Palgrave is beginning to implement. Although it doesn’t have to do with Southern Africa explicitly, It’s an interesting method to think about as it pertains to digital humanities.

Proposals and sample chapters for the following economics titles are available for review and comment.  Before commenting, we strongly encourage you to read our advice for reviewers and community guidelines.

As you read and comment, please keep in mind that the sample chapters are in-progress drafts in various stages of completion, and that proposals and chapters have not been formally copy-edited.

Creating Economic Growth: Lessons for Europe [proposal; sample chapter; original reviews]
Marco Magnani, Harvard University, USA

Rosa Luxemburg: Theory of Accumulation and Imperialism, by Tadeusz Kowalik [proposal; preface; original reviews]
translated by Jan Toporowski, SOAS, University of London, UK and Hanna Szymborska, University of Leeds, UK


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